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Metaluxe is a next-gen brand pioneering the future of digital identity and self-expression.
We're building jaw-dropping experiences across the physical, digital, and augmented world.

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The Metaluxe genesis collection consists of suit inspired NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain.
Metaluxe suits live in both profile picture and augmented reality form as one unified entity.

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Take control of your Metaluxe suit in augmented reality.
Each genesis NFT includes an AR version complete with multiple poses.

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Metaluxe suits are digital suits sold as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Ownership of a Metaluxe suit provides holders with an augmented reality version with additional utilities.

Drawing upon Chuck Hellman’s 35+ years of experience in luxury fashion and apparel, each 3D suit was meticulously crafted with style and character. Metaluxe has elected to hand-curate each NFT suit rather than utilize a generative algorithm.

After reveal, holders will immediately have access to an identical, full-body augmented reality model with four custom poses. For additional utilities, see our vision.

The Metaluxe genesis collection will drop in the summer of 2022. Prospective holders will be able to connect their Ethereum wallets on our official site and mint their very own Metaluxe suit. To learn how to secure a spot on our Luxelist, or those who will have access to our presale, we encourage you to join our Discord.

To follow in the footsteps of Azuki and other innovative NFT projects, Metaluxe has opted to deploy using an ERC-721a contract to optimize our minting process and reduce gas fees for our prospective holders.

Owners of Metaluxe suits have full commercial art rights for the Metaluxe suit they own. Full details coming prior to launch.


Adventure awaits