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  1. Values Always

    Metaluxe is a team of innovators committed to reaching beyond traditional boundaries. We’re introducing a mixed reality experience that blends the digital, physical, and augmented worlds. We place integrity, ingenuity, and honesty at the forefront of everything we do. Our vision is to accelerate the advent of digital identity by delivering powerful, borderless, and engaging tools to the Web3 community.

  2. Brand Expansion In Progress

    As the Metaluxe community grows, our brand is growing alongside it. Timing matters, so we’re currently expanding our core team, moderation team, and strategic partnerships to pace with our growth and deliver on our vision.


  1. Augmented Reality Complete

    Metaluxe has officially partnered with software specialists at VNTANA, a SaaS and 3D augmented reality platform, to bring all Metaluxe suits to life. Each genesis collection NFT will unlock an identical and manipulatable version in AR, allowing holders to pose, model, and create content with their digital selves.

  2. The Luxe Club Complete

    We’re rewarding and incentivizing community interactions and fellowship - without the grinding and spamming. To achieve this, we’ve developed a custom, cutting-edge Discord bot that autonomously rewards community members for authentic engagement.

  3. Special Access Exploring

    We're currently exploring early access opportunities for genesis holders, including token-gated experiences and future drops.


  1. Wearables In Progress

    Metaluxe is actively developing, creating, and testing unique pieces of designer goods for our genesis collection holders. We are sparing no expense and cutting no corners. Nothing we do will ever be “merch.” Details coming soon.

  2. Collectibles Exploring

    While the metaverse is still developing, we are exploring opportunities to provide our Genesis Collection holders with unique, physical collectibles inspired by their suits - a token reminder for the non-fungible token in their digital wallet.