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Official Metaluxe Litepaper

Table of Contents: 

-  Introduction 

-  Vision

-  Genesis Collection

-  Augmented Reality 

-  Roadmap

-  Team

-  NFT Allocation

-  Mint Proceeds

-  Intellectual Property 

-  Software Details/ERC-721A 


Metaluxe is a next-gen brand trailblazing the future of digital identity and self-expression. Conceived from the idea that NFT consumers deserved immediate post-mint utility, as opposed to a vague promise to build, Metaluxe’s genesis NFT collection of 10,000 hand-designed suits comes ready with a shareable 3D web viewer upon launch. This way, genesis holders will gain access not only to their on-chain PFP but also to a matching full-body suit in augmented reality, ready to view, enjoy, and show off to your social network on day one.

The suits’ remarkable detail and design reflect Chuck Hellman’s 30+ years in the luxury fashion sector and Metaluxe’s artistic intuition. From a creative director who’s grown digital fashion brand Hellman Retail Group to a following in the multi-millions, to a development team who’s worked with and for companies such as Coinbase, NASA, and Meta, Metaluxe’s team has dedicated itself to pairing experience with a blend of high-end design, style, and innovation. 

In embarking on this project, Metaluxe envisions bringing together a growing community by providing immersive mixed reality experiences. Poised to deliver the tools necessary to accelerate digital identity capabilities, Metaluxe is intent on engaging the Web3 community with transparency and integrity, while promising to build a product you’ll want to showcase to the world. 


For decades, the world has trended digital. We humans have chosen to spend an increasing proportion of our lives online, building our unique digital identities. 

Blockchain technology has made the immutable ownership of digital assets possible, and online experiences have become progressively immersive. 

The metaverse is seen as the next human interface event, a paradigm shift in humanity where imagination becomes the only hindrance to our experiences. 

Today, while technology races to catch up to our creativity, we’re caught in the middle of two worlds. Today, digital identity is locked to profile picture NFTs and ENS names.

Metaluxe, however, offers a new outlet for digital self-expression. Our full-body suits live in duality, both on blockchain and in augmented reality. Suit holders can place and pose their suits in any environment to create their own photo/video content through our built-in camera tool. 

Metaluxe isn’t waiting for the metaverse. We’ve brought the metaverse to you. 

Genesis Collection

Launching in Q3 of 2022, the Metaluxe genesis NFT collection consists of 10,000 hand-curated suits, designed one by one without the aid of generative algorithms. Each suit includes a blockchain-authenticated artwork piece and an identical, cloud-hosted, 3D augmented reality model. 

Possession of a Metaluxe suit provides its holder with immediate utility upon metadata reveal or acquisition, as well as access to the Luxe Club, a token-gated echelon within the broader Metaluxe community where consumers can receive services and perks exclusively reserved for Metaluxe NFT holders.

Ultimately, Metaluxe is seeking to change the current narrative that on-chain digital identities are locked to a mere profile picture by intentionally designing our suits to live in both 2D and 3D forms. We encourage our suit holders to utilize their augmented reality tools to the fullest by creating content and sharing it with their social network. 

Augmented Reality 

In stride with our commitment to provide straightforward and immediate utility post-reveal, Metaluxe has partnered with VNTANA, a leader in the SaaS and 3D augmented reality space, to bring our holders a matching AR suit. 

We recognized the current limitations of digital identity in the Web3 space when it came to producing personalized content. We saw countless Web3 creators, influencers, and collectors - many of whom were attempting to preserve their anonymity - link their PFP NFT to their real-life content by photoshopping an NFT’s face onto their own. For on-chain digital identity to continue to evolve, its clear innovation is necessary; we believe augmented reality, when represented on the blockchain, provides the solution. 

VNTANA’s platform automatically optimizes 3D files and creates a sharable link to its custom web viewer, making the process of accessing your Metaluxe suit quick and easy. 

Once accessed, you can place and view your suit in AR within any environment. With a drag of a finger, you’ll be able to reposition, resize, or adjust your 3D model. Then, using the built-in camera tool, you’ll be free to create your own photo/video content and share it with the world. 


Genesis Mint: In Q3 of 2022, the Metaluxe genesis NFT collection of 10,000 hand-curated suits will be launched and minted. Upon the reveal of the collection’s metadata, each suit’s matching augmented reality model will go live with its own emote starter pack. 

Luxe Club: Metaluxe genesis NFT holders gain instant admittance to the Luxe Club, a token-gated community and website to navigate new features and enhance your AR experience. Luxe Club members receive exclusive access to future products, services, in-person events, and, where NFT holders can claim limited-edition emotes that improve their augmented reality experience. 

Innovation Lab: Metaluxe is determined to stretch and surpass the limitations of augmented reality technology. We anticipate developing animated and Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) style emotes that are compatible with our 3D augmented reality models. In doing so, we envision Metaluxe NFT holders being able to claim limited-edition emotes by attending in-person events, such as NFT NYC, NFT LA, or beyond. 

Metaluxe Worlds: Each Metaluxe suit has already been rendered into a full-body 3D model, meaning Metaluxe suits are primed to enter existing or future digital worlds as playable characters. While the metaverse continues to evolve and improve, Metaluxe is well-prepared to engage with these innovations. 


Chuck Hellman, Project Director / Co-Founder 

A leading voice in the luxury fashion & apparel business with decades of experience operating specialty retail stores and 8-figure corporations in NYC.

Christian Barker, Creative Director / Co-Founder

Digital marketer and fashion-focused content creator. Successfully launched a digital fashion brand with 4M+ followers in 2021. Believer in inclusive Web3 culture and strategic innovation for mass blockchain adoption. 

Colin Dalvit, Art Director 

Professional animator and motion graphics artist with 15+ years of experience in 2D, 3D VFX, and everything in between.

Joshua Dedmon, Community Lead 

A Web3 community builder with 3+ years of experience in blockchain and DeFi. Dedicated to growing and developing Metaluxe’s community and strategic partnerships. 

Ashley Crowder, Augmented Reality Director 

Mixed reality applications expert with 10+ years of experience bringing Fortune 1000 brands including Adidas, Lexus, and AT&T to the metaverse.

Ali Alobaidi, Fullstack Engineer

D3 and React software engineering professional with 3+ years of experience optimizing transaction-heavy payment gateways.

Michael Ruffalo, Blockchain Advisor 

Blockchain advisor who’s worked with the teams at Polymath, Hashgraph, CoinBase, and Consensys. Former VP of Blockchain at Venture Aviator. 

Hayden Daly, Fullstack Engineer

Full-stack, Web3, and systems-oriented programmer. Former NASA ESTO systems infrastructure developer and software engineer at Expo and Disney.

Ming Lin, Fullstack Engineer

Web3, machine learning, and NFT-oriented software engineer. Former technology developer at Meta, Skinblu, and Wellsheet.

NFT Allocation 

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Luxelist: Our Luxelist - a spin on the terms allowlist, whitelist, or mintlist - mint is a private sale for Metaluxe community members who earn or win their spot through positive community engagement, raffles, or project partnerships. 

Dutch Auction: Our Dutch auction is designed to ensure the genesis collection mint price is fairly determined by the open market. The Dutch auction is formatted to incrementally lower the mint price over time, effectively allowing our broader community, or those unable to attain a spot on our Luxelist, an opportunity to mint an NFT at a price point consistent with a true market value.

Free Mint: Allowlist, whitelist, or mintlist spot giveaways have long been popularized in the Web3 space. However, we believe giving away the right to do something (such as mint) contradicts the very spirit of a giveaway, hence our reserved free mint allocation. 

Team: In the spirit of participating in the Metaluxe community, our team NFTs will be reserved for Metaluxe’s core team, moderation team, and existing partners. 

ML Treasury: Metaluxe Treasury NFTs will be held in a public, multi-signature wallet and reserved for future Metaluxe partners, collaborators, or future promotions. 

Mint Proceeds

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Operating Cash Flow: 45%

  • Salaries and other Labor Costs 
  • Continued Tech and Augmented Reality Innovations
  • UX/UI Improvements 
  • Promotional/Marketing
  • Research & Development  

ML Treasury: 40%

  • Held in reserve to cover any unexpected costs, maintain core business functions, and finance future investment opportunities.  

Incurred Expenses: 15%

  • Full-Time Talent: Metaluxe employs a full-time team of innovators and creative talent who will be compensated for their time and efforts since Metaluxe’s inception in November of 2021. 
  • Partnerships: Metaluxe has partnered with industry leaders who specialize in advanced technological development, 3D modeling, and augmented reality. As per agreement, these partners will be compensated for their role in making Metaluxe’s vision possible.
  • Investments in Technology: Includes smart contract deployment and a custom Discord bot that automatically rewards engagement with utility tokens. 
  • Assets: Includes Metaluxe trademarks, domain names, and an Intel Core Z690 D5 EATX computer capable of rendering over 10,000 unique 3D models. 
  • Carbon Offset: Blockchain technology, specifically the Ethereum Network, generates a tremendous carbon footprint as a result of its energy consumption. Therefore, Metaluxe has pledged our genesis mint to be carbon-neutral.

Intellectual Property 

Upon possession of a Metaluxe NFT, you are granted the right to a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, license to use, reproduce, display, modify, and create derivative works of the associated Metaluxe NFT Art for personal, non-commercial use (such as to display as a profile picture). 

All 3D augmented reality models are cloud-hosted and will be locked to their original form. However, you are granted the right to modify an image or video taken with the built-in camera tool for personal, non-commercial use (such as to post content on social media). 

Metaluxe is intent on providing the necessary tools for our collectors to reshape their digital selves. As such, although each of our 10,000 suits have been artistically hand-designed, we understand personalization is important to the Web3 community, hence our eagerness to clearly outline our IP details from the beginning. Please refer to the Metaluxe Terms of Use and License for additional information.

Software Details/ERC-721A 

Metaluxe has opted to deploy using an ERC-721A smart contract to optimize our minting process and reduce gas fees for our prospective consumers. 

Pioneered by Chiru Labs, the team behind Azuki, the innovative ERC-721A contract enables anyone to mint multiple NFTs in one transaction for approximately the same gas fee as minting a single NFT. Chiru Labs has encouraged NFT projects to adopt the open-sourced contract to help alleviate gas fees for the Web3 community. 

Metaluxe plans to initiate third-party audits and extensive testnet deployments for our contract to ensure a smooth and straightforward minting experience. 

To promote transparency, prior to launch, Metaluxe will announce and link the Etherscan associated with our optimized ERC-721A smart contract.